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ScimoreDB Embedded, Server and Distributed

Royalty free fully featured SQL database with nearly 1 million installations worldwide
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25 March 2008

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Royalty free fully featured SQL database with nearly 1 million installations worldwide. Fast performance. Scales from small embedded to clustered ScimoreDB database for high load applications. Supports free-text indexing, acid transactions, T-SQL.

Pros: This database could be used in several usage scenarios. As embedded like an Access database, a large clustered database like Oracle or the DB2 or as distributed database are just some of the scenarios. This database systems optimized for Windows & dotNet environment. Publishers claim a million installed base for the package. ScimoreDB Distributed is capable of scaling up as the load on the system grows. Installing more servers and joining them in a cluster lets the system automatically distribute the data and SQL queries over all the machines in the cluster and take care of the performance issues. No need to rewrite even a line of code. TPC-C benchmark ratings of 160,000 transactions per second has been achieved by the database. The system supports all the key technologies including transactions, SQL, OLAP/OLTP queries, and data replication providing the database support needed for a business. Distributed query optimizer helps optimize execution of SQL queries over the distributed database, network load balancing is built in. All I/O to storage is designed to be asynchronous to optimize performance of the processor. Data replication is used effectively to replicate data over multiple servers in the cluster adding redundancy features. ScimoreDB is a cluster aware application and using third-party software can provide no single point of failure. There are different schemes on how to achieve high availability, such as active-passive, active-active, active-active-active-passive. Each schema has different pro`s and con`s.

Cons: It does have an impressive user base. It is the feedback from this user base that will be useful for determining effectiveness. Apparently it does look and impressive package.

Overall a 4 star performer.

Publisher's description

Royalty free fully featured SQL database engine with nearly 1 million installations worldwide. Use as embedded, like MS access, or as large clustered, like Oracle/DB2, distributed database. ScimoreDB embedded, server or distributed databases has been optimized for MS Windows and .NET to deliver optimal database performance.
Database top features:
* GUI for database administration and querying.
* Client interfaces: .NET data provider, C++ libraries, COM object.
* SQL language
* SQL procedures with T-SQL syntax
* Optimized for SMP
* Asynchronious IO for disk and network
* Internal scheduler with priority queues - optimizing control of query execution
* Multiversion Concurrency Control - writers never block readers
* Table level and row level locking
* ACID Transactions
* Group commit
* Optional "In memory Transactions"
* Transactional DDL. Create/alter/drop comands are transactional
* Configurable maximum memory usage
* Primary key/foreign key/referential integrity/cascade delete
* Blob size limited to 16TB
* Text blob compression
* Real-time deadlock detection
* Nested sub-queries
* Communicate with database using either shared memory, named pipes, and TCP/IP
* Up to 65.000 concurrent connections
* Side-by-side installations. Many installations of engine on same machine
* Maximum database size 2^64 bytes = 16.777.216 Terabytes - imagine a backup/restore
* Free text indexing and searching
* Hot backup
* Defragmentation/shrinking tables
* Query optimizer using cost based strategy with heuristical hints
* Distributed query optimizer
* Flexible monitoring capabilities using SQL commands
* Working with distributed, it like working with a single database instance
ScimoreDB Embedded, Server and Distributed
ScimoreDB Embedded, Server and Distributed
Version 2.5
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